So we’re shooting this movie in Connecticut, and that makes me tired. And somehow I ended up with a Banana Republic credit card. And we have something like a thousand weddings to go to this month. My cousin Donald graduated from Yale and plans on going to China to live there for a while and teach English, practice his Chinese. My cousin Peter was in town doing a half-ironman triathlon from the Statue of Liberty to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. My mother was here for that. Matt and Maggie arrived. I went to Connecticut to work on this movie. Another one with Ginnifer. And a Matt from Friends. And Hillary from Boy’s Don’t Cry. It’s some sort of romantic comedy. Wacky. My climbing has slowly been getting better. Josh mounted a sweet workout board in the truck, with Derek’s help of course. There are plenty of finger strength and pull-up type exercises to do. Matt and Maggie brought some fresh roast from Gimme’ Coffee in Ithaca. It’s better than either crafty or catering’s coffee offerings.

Pete's Triathlon - 1
Swimming in the Hudson dreck