You can see my nose in People magazine

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my 15 seconds will be up soon.  The photos of Elijah Wood in character
downtown during the anti-war protests showed up on the web with the Key
Grip Jeff and I in the backgroundfrom this source of paparazzi photos linked via
If you look in the latest issue of People magazine Jeff the Key Grip is very clearly
in the background, and the inserted text over my face, my nose is
clearly visible. Awesome. Anway, the low budget film is going.
Painful, but going. Elijah is gone, with his sweetness.  We have Chris
Klein, Ginnifer Goodwin, and some others that will make the modern
going to war story complete.  We had a very long day. Went to Fort
Totten and beautiful Duglaston, Queens, where I have fond memories of
working for full rate sleeping in the condor in the trees with birds
chirping.  At one point we had a camera rigged to the side of a taxi
cab until it got "bumped" against a truck mirror. Our DP called a wrap
on the camera rig. Marcus brought the 30" widescreen LCD.  I am almost
as rich and happy as the people of Duglaston, Queens.  ps. The move
went Zoe. Zoe and I have a cute new place.