yes and yes

Sometimes, the thing that is both exciting and difficult about pursuing a career that is non-traditonal, is actually saying ‘yes’. For example: you are finishing up one movie where they decide that the last two shooting days should be overnights (5pm-5am) and then you get a call, asking if you want to work on the new Russell Crowe movie that’s shooting in town the day after you’re done with your piddly Tier 1 movie, and you know you’ll only sleep 2-4 hours, max, over a 36 period. But the thing is, you have to say YES. Because if you say NO you won’t get called back, and it’s a 75 day shoot with Crowe and Denzel, so for heaven’s sake, YES get yourself on that payroll and hope to atleast few days out of it, because these people are pros and hopefully the picture will come out at under $100 million. Which if you’re counting is only 50 times less than the one I wrapped 2 nights ago.

My Mac Book Pro arrived. It’s really nice.