G & I had  a good snowy, slippery run in the Wiss.  Less mud, more snow than expected.  It took longer, as we didn’t have spikes / screw shoes.  Which would’ve been nice.  A good 20.5km loop nonetheless.

New Balance appears to be discontinuing the MT1210 Leadville series, but it’s unclear.  Perhaps they are simply delayed in shipping; I presume they usually have “spring shoes” in stock by the end of March at the latest.  But they also haven’t updated them on the official NB page, which is a bad sign.

I figure I’ll try some of the Altras and see if they fit my wide foot better (or at all).  Certainly the toe box will be wider, mid-foot probably not so much.  I did buy two pairs of the Saucony Kinvara 3 in wide, so there’s that, and they don’t seem to be discontinuing that model any time soon.   Ideally I’d love to see something like the Kinvara 3 with thicker forefoot cushioning and sticky rubber trail lugs.  That would be swell.

Also, a hilarious bulldog at the dog run when George was getting more exercise because the winter has taken its toll and made him a fat Kenyan hunting dog  (G took the photo):

Hilarious dog at the dog run