Wii you me and Dupree

I guess it’s over. We played Nintendo Wii last night at Shawn’s and tried to watch “You, Me, and Dupree” as our DP had spent the last six months in Hawaii shooting it. It’s an awful romantic comedy. Not recommended. I had a good time in Chicago last weeking visiting with Matt and Mags before going back to finish up the job. We went to Ethel’s chocolate. The South Southside, where my great-grandmother lived and where my grandparents met and got married. Fox and Obels. Navy Pier. All the awesome stuff. Matt and I trolled the public restrooms all over Chicago like lechers one day while it was 28 degrees out. Conor was in town for work. We ran into him at Descartes coffee shop, and that night we jonesed for German brats and beer. After a couple miles of walking determined that Lincoln Square has a “closed Tuesday night” clause. We ate a diner, for the fourth time. Went to MOCA. Got on a plane. Zoe got some sort of food born illness related to Spinach and ricotta lasagna two nights ago. Not so much fun. Landlord is still insane.

Chicago, Illinois - 1
Chicago, Illinois - 2
Chicago, Illinois - 3
Chicago, Illinois - 4