Wednesday Hustle

The workout was going well, 3 x 1000m at I-pace (87′ / 400m) then start doing some faster repeats, 2 x 200m, 2 x 400m, 1 x 800m. But what happened? We went and blew it all on the first 200m repeat, too fast! ~31″. Jared’s hip flexor/thigh started acting up. I finished up the workout all the way up to the 800m, but decided against the 800m. It was an ambitious workout, and as a result, one runner injured, one runner unable to complete. Times for 1000m V02 repeats: 3′:32″, 3′:37, 3′:37″. Full 3′ recovery each. 200m times: ~32.4″, 33.9″. 400m times: 70.7″, 79.4″. Walk home. ~45 minutes total.