weddings and trains and automobiles

Even though we’re shooting on Staten Island tommorrow I’ll be catching that 20:35 train so that Matt can pick us up. So Zoe can get Marcus’ car, so she can primp and prep for the big day of Stephanie’s on Saturday. I somehow lost my tux. And the blue blazer I wear for all occasions I’ve worn since 7th grade. And then the Czech relatives are in North Carolina. And we’re driving down for a few days.  It’ll be hot.  Saw a vintage Kenwood amp for $100 on Bedford Ave today, Andrea from Day Zero was watching the store for a friend.  Shawn, Sean, and I ran into her on Saturday as well at the Pool Party show of Beruit and Deerhoof. The landlord is still crazy and incessant about niggling things, like a ding in the hall from when we moved in.  Or how she sleeps 4 hours a day works nights. I hope she moves out.
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