video dance installation….

I shot a project for Malinda Allen, an up-and-coming choreographer that premiered recently as part of the Howl Festival at PS 122 in the East Village.  The dancers were were strong good looking women, the actual shoot took place in very tight quarters over a very hot weekend in Brooklyn with no AC.  There were 6 dancers, many lights, Hiliary Kolos and I trying to get it shot.  Saturday was the full show, dancers with the video projected behind them, Zoe and I reluctantly left Brooklyn.

It [the cut] needed to be toned down some in terms of speed, it was difficult to focus on the dance and the projection,  there was perhaps too much a "music video" nature Malinda was going for.  The dance was very good, and the footage from the apartment has many really strong acrobatic moves in hallways with high ceilings, chimneying style aerials, but the issue is how to integrate these two separate performances.  I think Malinda is engergetic and will figure it out, and it was nice to work on something different.

And I’ve also been working on this zombie movie… and spent a day at the Colt Firearms factory…. sweet.