und und und

We’ve been shooting out at Fort Totten out past the Throgs Neck Bridge.  There have been some beautiful days, playing football, eating rice crispy treats.  I’ve been doing my best to ride out there despite the rain storms.  It’s about 14 miles one way through Flushing Queens almost to the Long Island border just before Duglaston.  We’re shooting in this dilapidated old Officer’s Quarters house that they fixed up so that we can shoot room by room to make it look like a manhattan apartment.  Supposedly at some point we’ll have a giant panoramic screen that looks like buildings in manhattan out the living room window.  My grandfather broke his hip.  My mother and I are to travel to my cousin’s graduation in Seattle next weekend.  This feature will be over relatively soon. I’m looking forward to going ot Ann Arbor as well at the end of the month.   Zoe and I have been buying kitchen stuff.  Domestic bliss.