Top 5 Finish!!

And I even beat the 75 year old NASA employee, dealing him a much needed ego deflating blow just two weeks before his retirement from the Space Agency.

Yeah, so I finished top 5 in the Tidal Basin 3K, but really of the 40 or so folks who lined up for the race, only about 8 were worth comparing oneself against. And that was only because I’m using my aggrevated right quad as an excuse. Really, this race should be an easy win. The top finisher came in around 10:30. I’m guessing anyway. I’ll see tomorrow when the results are posted online. I came in at 11:02 (a 5:55 mile pace). It is true that I was holding back so as not to overstrain the quad, but also I realized that I still have a long way to go. My form felt terrible, and my shadow’s form looked terrible. I’m breathing way too hard for a 3K. I’m having difficulty with the small breaths. They all seem to be gasps. But not nearly as gaspy as the bloke I overtook to earn the #5 position’s wheezes. I like to think he was going all out.

Well, next month the race is the day before the inauguration. Even with dodging security agents I won’t be happy with anything slower than a 10:30. It’ll have to be a disciplined holiday season.