This is the end.

We shot the mother out today downtown, at 6th and Grand at a high rise office building for hire. We finished off the languishing tired beast that this low budget film was. Shim and Ray packed the truck by 6:30 this evening; I hadn’t eaten anything for 7 hours and I went upstairs and had Champagne and catering. Thank God it’s over. David had his birthday party this past weekend. I’ve been swamped with this film. Zoe works a lot too. I want to do something else. Zoe is wrapping gifts. We watched “Brick” tonight on DVD, a USC filmmaker’s film. It was admirable. I still would like to know more about building tube amps and solid state audio componentry. We’ll be in North Carolina shortly for a little while. After that I may or may not go to the Sundance Film Festival, or I’ll use the money and put it towards my communitarian hippy living fund. One or the other. Hopefully the piedmont will be nice.