The Weather Underground

So what I was thinking about today at work, as we were almost wrapped, were the three things I want in my future home that is not in the city. One, would be the wood burning stove, two would be the garden, and three? What would three be? A wind turbine? Solar panels? None of those have the same ring. You could say something like the love of my life to be with me forever and ever, but that would perhaps sound trite. Cast iron cookware? Not having an insane Polish lady as a landlord who lives below you, yes, a good start. Tube amplifiers, stereo sound, Nagra reel-to-reel tape recorders? All these things are nice, don’t get me wrong. I love stereo hi-fi. I’m sure there’s something that goes with those two. In Atom Egoyan’s ‘The Sweet Hearafter” it was the love of the two artists, who lived in the A-Frame cottage in Canada who had the child that died miserably in the tragedy that struck the town, but how can you make it? These things do not line up like that. Wasn’t that the point of the movie, that you could be this happy artist hippie couple, easily crippled by tragedy? I’m not trying to be a downer. I just want a solid number three.


Count the 2Ks!