The Secret Throw Down

In the middle of Central Park, just north of the 96th Street cross, there is a place called “The North Meadow Recreation Center“. Inside this small, magical place, there is a short bouldering wall. Here is a Google map that shows clearly its awkward location in the park. It is open approximately 6 hours a week, Tuesday & Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoon. But that is not entirely true. The guys there like to climb, are quite good, and sometimes stay later than 8:30 PM. Unlike say MPHC the holds don’t seem to move, perhaps more like CATS in Boulder, CO. By having a dense number of holds there are more variations that can be created with routes. Also this forces climbers to create new challenging routes of their own rather then relying on pre-set routes by gym course setters. Sure the holds are not as clean. And there isn’t as much wall space. But it’s $100 dollars per year. And it’s solid, except for the sketchy crash pads that are basically useless. But in theory there are less people there climbing because it’s in the middle of Central Park on 96th Street for God’s sake. Also, it’s nice to have a little variety. That’s all I’m saying. So, throw down.

North Meadow Rec Center, Central Park, New York, NY
CATS Boulder, CO