the mile

Jared and I ran a timed mile tonight. I managed to hold him off by about 2 seconds after running 75 seconds for the opening lap, which may be been too fast in retrospect. My laps were 75.1″, 77.3″, 80.8″, 78.4″ (w/ +9m). Mark at 5′:11.5″ and Jared at 5′:13.5″. Jared was always a little back behind me and I think his splits were slightly more even, as I picked it up on the last 200m or so. I had run earlier in the day with Charlie White and we’d done an 800m warmup at 2′:57″ to get some blood going. A fully fresh mile definitely could go faster for both of us. Nonetheless, we’re encouraged by this time and look forward to going under five. 18 minute warmup, and 12 minute cool down home. Total evening: ~38 minutes, day total for Mark: ~74 minutes

2 responses to “the mile”

  1. Jared says:

    As not to be outdone in style by Marks running shorts, I completed my mile in boxer shorts.

  2. Jared says:

    So as not done to be out styled by Mark’s running shorts, I ran in my boxers