The Lack

I think I’m getting up at 3:30am tomorrow to work on a MTV commercial. Coen Brother’s is winding down, my last day at the stage today. Worked until 2am last night on ‘Cashmere Mafia’ for ABC. Lucy Liu wrapped early and as such our wardrobe buddy Colleen from Yonkers (Lucy’s wardrobe buddy from “Watching the Detectives”) got to go home. So no rest. Just more work. I guess I had Monday and Tuesday off, bust mostly after hiking and camping all weekend I was exhausted and didn’t leave the house on Tuesday for fear of coming down with a cold. I haven’t gotten sick yet.

So Phoebe Owens, the director of the first film I worked on after college in Olympia, WA requested we post some links to the trailer, the film’s DVD release, and MySpace. The movie, called “Tammy Town” was a lot of fun in the sense that you never get to be young, just graduated, and work on a low budget film in the summertime with a bunch of other kids again. It was my first gig as a film lighting techician albeit unpaid. Perhaps I should have interned at a architecture studio. But I digress.

Zoe and I are going on another little vacay to see her Pops. Belgrade and Budapest for a week at the end of October / early November. Should be nice. I’m still totally over film production, in general. Doesn’t mean I don’t watch films. At the MoMA went to Haneke’s film “Le Temps du loup” aka “The Time of the Wolf”. Totally batshit. Brutal. This guy is truly brutal. It’s good to see films like that, and then never want to work on one ever again. Without further adieu, Tammy Town on YouTube.