Kirsten’s DIY Pipe Desk With Salvaged Door

I meant to put up this link to Kirsten McCrea’s nice addition to the world of cast iron pipe based tables using salvaged tops a while ago. She has both a blog and a professional page as she is a visual artist living in Montreal. I wanted to provide a link back to her desk, in part because it turned out so nicely, and I want more people to see how great these tables and desks can turn out with such humble materials.

Kirsten's DIY Pipe & Door Desk

Link: Kirsten's DIY Pipe & Door Desk, photo by Kirsten

Hunk of Wood

The other day Ramsey was in town on his way to Argentina to do some condo maintenance before heading to live permanently in the Middle East, because hey, that is the way he rolls.  He loved staying in Park Slope.  He’s so going to be a Lesbian, get a dog have a kid, and move down there when he comes back. It’s that slingshot effect of living in hipster squalor in Philly and then coveting thy neighbor’s Wolf cooking range the second you step inside the kitchen of that beautiful Brownstone.

While we were walking in Prospect Park with his friend Gavin from Philadelphia (a musician who’s band “Rowan and Hastings” page is here) we saw several felled trees, mostly chopped into big pieces, and it again made me wonder the status of those big blocks of wood that are just sitting there?  And it rekindled my memory of an idea I’d had for putting an audio amplifier (valve type or solid state) into a tree stump to create a “functional tree art amp”.  I still think it is a good idea.  Maybe one day I’ll find a bike trailer and haul a piece of tree trunk with me back to LIC.  Or not.  On a somewhat related side note, never ever, ever, ever, name your first born child Audio Science Clayton.

WoodSpoutnik 1 by Samyra Serin