Metal Shop and Pop: Sheet Steel and You

So I went down to NC for a couple of days to build a welding table with my Dad.  It turned out pretty nicely all things considered.  We needed more practice on our MIG welds, but constructing a 4×4 foot table proved to be good exercise.  We added a small 26 inch long extension off one side that will be my Dad’s cutting area where he’ll slot in steel strap for cutting with his plasma cutter and or Oxy-Acetylene torch if he ever goes that route.  So that was a pretty solid few days of work.  At the metal shop in Brooklyn I’ll have a slightly different tack for building a base for our kitchen counter.  My plan there is to build metal brackets to go around the 3×3″ wooden legs and then finish the skirt with wood and hanging drawers.  Zoe’s aunt has a bed that will replace ours as I’ll be cutting up  the bed frame I build to use for the legs.

Finished. 1/4″ sheet is heavy

MIG – tucked in to prevent death from rotary cutting tools

Anarchists, Shark Bicycle Man, The Ducks, & Cetma Racks

Molly mentioned recently that a messenger friend [Lane Kagay] was in town [in Portland] and included a link to his bicycle rack making business on her blog, his business is Cetma Racks.  They’re nice looking Porteur style racks solidly constructed in three styles out of tubular steel.  His site further supports my belief that for cyclo-touring all you need is a good front rack.

Anyhow, I was flipping through the pictures in the gallery of racks and paused when I happened across this one:

Ryan as SharkBikeMan

As far as I can tell this is a picture of Ryan Swanson with a sweet Shark / Man / Bicycle rig wearing his standard Portland, Oregon costume.  Note how the shark head is attached to the Cetma rack.  This bicycle seems to have taken the place of Ryan’s old black Bianchi hybrid. Granted this is all speculation, the masked man may very well be a good impostor Ryan Swanson.

Another telling image from the gallery was this one:

Anarchist bicycle welding dreams

I guess if I had spent more time in either Eugene, Oregon or Olympia, Washington this would’ve been me.  This kid seems pretty intent on welding some mean bicycles.

As a final image, Wikipedia’s image entry of the modern Cogswell Porteur:

Kogswell Porteur

See for less nonsense, go to Eugene to weld.