This 8830 of mine has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I can type like 50 words per minute now on a tiny little QWERTY keypad, on the other, my thumbs will probably lock up when I’m 40. Also it costs more, and V tends to jack up the price just ’cause they can, well that and they passed on the iPhone so they gotta take the revenue where they can.

But yeah, I’m basically paying two times as much a month but I can chat, wikipedia search, IMDB, email, whatever, until my heart is content or until my thumbs cry uncle. But the point I feel it drives home is the nature of online content is shifting. I mean, okay say I forget the Times paper at home, one thumb click and I can read it online, or I use RSS aggregators or Google Reader for all my favorite blogs, while I am on the subway. And don’t even get me started about Google Maps, it is by far the killer app for pda’s, the fact that carriers try and charge $10/month for their navigation service is laughable. The model of cloud computing especially extends to these “mobile computers” that happen to be phones, all your docs, your calendar, your contacts, always sync’d always online.

Anyhow, I have been out of state a bunch lately and it is nice to not always need the laptop. I mean yeah, most hotels have Wi-Fi now, but seriously, I can almost do everything I need on my little b-bizzle. I think maybe Snoop Dog should try and help them with marketing, cause I am certain that iPhone 2.0 has RIM a little worried.