Bought a case of the Ballast Point Yellowtail Pale Ale, hoping it would be as good as the last two cases of American style Summer “Kölsch” beers I bought. I don’t think it is, and Beer Advocate backs me up on this one. Ballast Point brews some very fine beers, but I’d say in the heat of an East Coast Summer this is perhaps not the best choice (IMHO), either that or my case is a bit stale.

As it stands, I agree with the consensus (B); the Ballast Point appears to neither be a Pale Ale or Kölsch. My favorite this Summer (and last) is without a doubt the Lancaster Brewing Company’s canned Kölsch. Victory Brewing’s Summer Love is also quite good and a step up, in my opinion, from this Ballast Point. Both these have much a much crisper taste, with the citrus bite and mild hops you hope for in a Summer ale.

Lancaster Kölsch in a can

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