Ice, no ice. You don’t make friends with Ubuntu.

I mean maybe you do. I haven’t gone to any Linux nerd fun camps. Probably it’s safer to go to homebrew meet ups.

M & I got the “Abbey Style” Tripel bottled, we didn’t mix in any Kriek. Which is fine. Approximate ABV prior to bottling was 7.6%, which is not bad. We can probably hit higher gravities with a bigger kettle, we ran out of space with the sheer amount of fermentables we were moving in, and likely should’ve left it in primary for at minimum a whole month. The “Dubbel” is now conditioning in the 5 gal. glass carboy. Next up is hopefully two or three batches of mild “session” style English ales, quicker to ferment; I’d be happy keeping them all below 4% ABV, the key here seems to getting our production pipeline rolling a bit more than once per month.

There has been no ice. Or snow really to speak of. It was 60 degrees out, which is good for me going running, not good for the squash courts which are kept at approximately 1000 degrees, which makes it sort of like a fitness sauna. We may have to play some tennis this Summer apparently as the the courts don’t have proper AC.

That’s about all I’ve got. ┬áIf you haven’t bought Burial’s Kindred, go buy it now.

Power Squash, 3 Parts, dig it.

Three excellent links to the Power Squash, instructional videos:

Power Squash, Part I: The Basics

Power Squash, Part II: Defending

Power Squash, Part III: Attacking

This may not change your game. In fact, tonight, I played pickup with a young woman on the courts who very nearly whacked me in the head several times with her wild backhand, and prior to that I played a Frenchman, who was most certainly still developing his backhand, so if you take away one thing from these videos, it’s this: cocked wrist in the ready position, and ‘eye on the ball’ matey.