Skype is still down

Well, there I was saying how great a consumer service Skype’s $3/mo unlimited calling is and it’s been down for almost a day. Oh well.

When it’s back up, it’ll still be a good value. Sadly, it’s not reliable, as in “bomb proof” as in the “5 nines” and 99.999 % up time. Skype had issues earlier this past week with “login authentication” so clearly there’s been some sort of back end shenanigans that’s created this mess. Oh well, the separation pains from eBay perhaps. But, how about that T-Mobile Pre-Paid? It works. How about that Google Voice? Calls are free in 2011, booya! Except when people I call say it sounds terrible and I have to call them back on Skype. Oh wait a minute. Drat.