You can never go back to Valhalla

Aside from the crazy news of what happened in this tiny Westchester community (See 7online News) our return trip yesterday to Valhalla felt nothing like a homecoming.  Maybe it was the fact that it was Saturday morning.  Maybe it is by noon every small child needs to be at a birthday party.  Or maybe when you are at a gigantic gym you should never have people climbing next to you.  Unfortunately by noon, all these things were happening.  Perhaps the best and most telling was this exchange as Josh and I worked on a new problem.  After one try a young fellow with long hair comes up and says, “Hey do you mind? Let me try it?”  Josh walks off.  They guys climbs the problem easily as he has obviously done it countless times before.  Josh comes back.  “Hey you didn’t get to see me do it?”, “Yeah”, Josh says, “I like to try to figure it out for myself.”  There you have it, gym etiquette 101.  Don’t jump on other peoples lines, when they are figuring it out.

At this point a shrill woman with her 8 year old were fighting with each other.  The child was running around bouncing off of things.  She tries to ask us what easy things he can climb, but before we even tell her, “Less than 100 points” as they were rated, she and her equally shrill and awful child are climbing and yelling at each other again.  Westchester is beautiful.  Also, if the the gym is 10,000 square feet, find a line that isn’t on top of someone else.  So simple.  Weekends at gyms suck.  This Saturday further reinforced this for me.  Also, if you can help it, don’t be shrill a Westchester mother.  And stop wearing white tennis shoes and stone washed jeans (see Jerry Seinfeld look), it’s not 1992.

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