The term comes from the standard film industry practice at least here in the Northern Mid-Atlantic of starting a Friday as a split day after 12:00pm.  Twelve hour days are standard so at minimum the day will go until 1am Saturday morning thus the term Fraterday.  I had the pleasure of working on an out of state picture that was a reverse-split on a Friday evening.  So we started at 7:30pm with the last of the daylight HMI’s shifted to tungsten for the overnight stuff and then when the sun came up at 6:30am we broke out the big daylight HMI’s again shooting until 10:30am.  Super fun stuff.  Similar to a job where we shot for three weeks of overnights in an underground bunker in the Bronx Armory.  Get it?  There was no sun shining and yet we started every day at 3pm.  Good stuff, good stuff.

Our kickball team lost our first game Sunday evening.  It was ugly.  They were a better team.  They put the ball where they wanted.  We did not. I went climbing last week to Stover aka High Rocks, Pennsylvania.  It was sweet dirty red shale with cliffs uphill from a clean fast running river.  It’s always surprising when you drive two hours from New York City and people start talking about “swimmin’ holes” and “the crick”.  But I shit you not that’s how they roll in Stover and it’s a pleasant albeit slick (as in the clay rock becomes greasy) climbing spot with plenty of good hard roof problems.  Erik and I met our match on a couple of 5.10d roofs on top rope.

I’ll probably work a couple of days in the city this week.  Josh and I climbed at Cat and Rat Rock today and I proved my fingers again on Felix, LOTR (aka Scratching Post), and finally completed Tweaky Shit (or whatever the name for the sit-start variation is) clean.  Good stuff.