So long Franny, the beers we’ve known, the times we’ve had

Josh and Franny ventured to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Spuyten Duyvil the second best beer bar in NYC, per Josh, who probably does know about these things more than anyone else we know (Blind Tiger is the best he says). Franny is leaving for Austin on Tuesday and Josh follows in a few months.  We will miss them.  In their honor, a list of all the beer we drank tonight:

This was a lot of beer.  Be not concerned however, we shared them amongst friends.  The Rochefort is Josh’s favorite beer of ALL TIME (and the dude knows his beer) but he enjoyed the Mikkeller Draft Bear, as did Zoe.  Mark liked the Jenlain best but then backtracked after Josh and Zoe complained that it was too sweet as he is very susceptible to peer pressure (and also not writing this post, can you tell?).  He liked the Thiriez Amber a lot, as did Sean Taylor and his visiting friends.  They ordered 2 bottles which says a lot when you have the selection you do there.

All in all a successful night. I think we have finally figured out the best route on our bikes to get there (and to Fette Sau) as it is important to be able to reach delicious beer and meats safely and efficiently.

Mark eats cheese and bread

Mark eats cheese and bread

Josh and Franny.  Aw.

Josh and Franny. Aw.