Firefly Media Server (not for television) FKA “mt-daapd” (but for iTunes)

I had looked at this product before, it’s a free GNU sourced media server project, as it’s used mostly for the RokuSoundBridge .  Recently I was pondering servers and looking into AirTunes via Airport Express wireless audio.  Airport Express (in its base configuration) require iTunes running to control where the audio is sent.  The slick thing since the advent of iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch is the “Remote Software by Apple” which does what it says.  Your Apple TV, your Mac Mini server in the basement, anything connected to your 802.11/b/g network can be under its control via touch screen.  But back to Firefly Media Server.

Okay, say you have 3 rooms and in each room someone wants to listen to different music.  How?  Well, lets pretend again that on your home network you have a server where all the music is centrally located.  Firefly taps this by adding iTunes server compatibility through Bonjour networking.  On the old Dell XP machine it was a matter of installing Bonjour for Windows 1.04 and then the latest build of Firefly.  Right now over 802.11g I have two laptops listening to two different songs, where the Firefly shows up as a shared iTunes Library and amazingly the Dell still has enough resources to playback a separate FLAC audio stream over USB.  That makes 3 concurrent streams of audio, not bad for an old 900 MHz Pentium III.

I am not excited about taking the GREs.  That’s about all I can think of.  I ran 7 miles last Monday and climbed 3 other days last week.  The 7 mile run was too much.  Josh mentioned something about climbing trips in September.  It’s too much for me to think of right now and Ryan has been fing-jured.   On a completely unrelated mechanical note, I did do a little research into bit driver types for professional applications, as in putting two pieces of wood together with a screw.  The Phillips head was never  supposed to make it as far as it has.  From my reading, Canadian carpenters love the old square-Robertson drive. Hex and Torx also work better in high torque situations.  There is a better version of Phillips called the Pozidriv (I didn’t make that up) though it seems to be something of a hybrid Phillips with less public awareness.  The square bit will probably make its way into my tool box, though clearly we all can’t be Canadian woodsmen.

I’ve spoken with Viggo and the answer is “Yes”

The thunderstorms have been coming in every afternoon. It puts a damper on evening climbing. I bought some more GRE study materials. NY is full of mostly Mediteranean tourists. Apparently WPA2 Pre-Shared Key encryption is not fully secure. I’ve been considering for a while setting up an OpenRADIUS server, perhaps now is the time.

Also I’ve been considering downgrading to a Samsung flip phone with a small QWERTY keyboard. The 8830 quality control left a lot to be desired and I’m not sure that the 8330 would be any better, though I am quite sure that the bberry OS 4.6 has to be better than 4.2.2 which has been riddled with memory leaks and browser bugs from the beginning.

The latest thing that went wrong with the 8830 was it sensed the trackball (pearl) as being constantly depressed. The delete key would also act as the menu key and it’d randomly create and reply to both emails and SMSs automagically. Listen, okay, so the iPhone cannot cut & paste or search (find) within web pages and the 8830 breaks every few months. Who makes a smart pda that doesn’t run on Windows that is as slick as the iphone but has all the “computer like” features bberry users are used to?

No one, that’s who. Let’s hope Nokia and Google get in the game as there is still quite a bit of room for improvement.

[ed: apparently with a couple of clever bookmarklet non-Apple Sanctioned web-applications Safari on the iPhone can “find in page” and copy & paste. Now as to why we are on the 3G Version 2.0 of this damn Jesus Phone and it requires a third party work around to achieve such is beyond me.]


This 8830 of mine has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I can type like 50 words per minute now on a tiny little QWERTY keypad, on the other, my thumbs will probably lock up when I’m 40. Also it costs more, and V tends to jack up the price just ’cause they can, well that and they passed on the iPhone so they gotta take the revenue where they can.

But yeah, I’m basically paying two times as much a month but I can chat, wikipedia search, IMDB, email, whatever, until my heart is content or until my thumbs cry uncle. But the point I feel it drives home is the nature of online content is shifting. I mean, okay say I forget the Times paper at home, one thumb click and I can read it online, or I use RSS aggregators or Google Reader for all my favorite blogs, while I am on the subway. And don’t even get me started about Google Maps, it is by far the killer app for pda’s, the fact that carriers try and charge $10/month for their navigation service is laughable. The model of cloud computing especially extends to these “mobile computers” that happen to be phones, all your docs, your calendar, your contacts, always sync’d always online.

Anyhow, I have been out of state a bunch lately and it is nice to not always need the laptop. I mean yeah, most hotels have Wi-Fi now, but seriously, I can almost do everything I need on my little b-bizzle. I think maybe Snoop Dog should try and help them with marketing, cause I am certain that iPhone 2.0 has RIM a little worried.