Follow Up, 212+ Installation

C was here for a few days. Our last project was getting the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ installed. Installation went pretty well. We likely used too much thermal paste, but nonetheless, it reduced my CPU temperatures by about 20 degrees Celsius, so I’d say it works. It can often be found on sale for $25 from Newegg, so really if you have a large enough computer that’s running hot, this seems like a no brainer. I’m not entirely certain the CPU temperature readings were always correct, but I figure it’s better to err on the side of over cooling.

The one trifling problem I’ve had in my “Almost Vanilla” *OS*X*86 install was not achieving a full power off after shutting down. I found many threads related to power & sleep issues, but I finally found the one thread here referencing the specific settings for the BIOS on my Gigabyte G41M-ES2L motherboard. The answer was this:

Power Management Setup:
ACPI Suspend Type: [S3(STR)]
Soft-Off by PWR-BTTN: [Instant-Off]
PME Event Wake Up: [Disabled]
Power On by Ring: [Disabled]
Resume by Alarm: [Disabled]
HPET Support: [Enabled]
HPET Mode: [32-bit Mode]
Power On By Mouse: [Disabled]
Power On By Keyboard: [Disabled]
AC Back Function: [Soft-Off]

Although it turns out HPET Mode: [64-Bit Mode] works just as well. The crux was the three options below Soft-Off by PWR-BTTN, those three all must be disabled. Now when it turns off the case isn’t consuming 90 watts. Which is still a lot for any computer, but I try to only use it as a part time server for media backup. It consumes 5 watts in its “OFF” state but at least now it shuts down fully.