Not Making Any Small Plans

Went up North. The first two days involved cold wet feet on iced, melting snow and snowshoe tracks. The next day we awoke colder to a fresh 8 inches and still falling. We ran in the snow on the roads. The following morning we ran again, faster and longer, on the icy shoulder. I Nordic skied in the sunny afternoon. Next we awoke early again and skied, it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I took the train south. It was good seeing friends.

Hudson River North

Hudson River North

Whose woods these are I think I know…

So there we were, hiking in the woods along the Hudson River, right next to Break Neck Ridge, doing our own thing, and next think you know we’re staring at six Jeep Rubicons fully outfitted 4×4’s rolling over just about anything. Except this was a hiking trail on State Forest Land and most of these guys in Jeeps were from Connecticut. The best part was that one of the Jeeps had a small child strapped in the back in a safety seat with a full face helmet on. Now that is love. Except that love would be taking your child into the woods out of doors and walking instead of rolling over it. And surely this is not just an American thing, but I never expected to see such machines so close to the city.

At least the weather was nice. The view from Mt. Beacon was great. The City of Hat Makers was quaint and we were readily fed after our 9 mile walk in the woods at “The Piggy Bank” which as it name implies was a former bank now specializing in pork dishes. Also the dilapidated dairy farm, destroyed incline railroad, and the deserted barns show how little nature cares about man’s efforts. So yes, hopefully the springs of oil will dry up and the men in their off-road Rubicons will have to take again to nature by foot and actually lead their children somewhere noble again.