Swipe to archive Google Voice? Really?

Seriously Google, you guys can’t update the Google Voice Android app with a swipe to archive feature on 4.2?  You have Glass and self driving cars and yet a legitimate product that consumers would pay money for if you supported it languishes.  Here’s what I’m thinking: I get a text message (not an MMS because for whatever reason that doesn’t work) I read it, and then I swipe left to archive with my finger on my Nexus phone. Seriously is it that difficult? How many people do you have working on this app? None? That would be my guess. Maybe one dude. I feel bad for that guy. Google Voice, much like Reader, is/was a great product that Google refuses to monetize.  Please. For the love of God monetize Google Voice and at the very least update the app to Android 4.2 standards.

Pawtucket, Central Falls – Ground Round, Larry’s Lounge

So if you ever get asked to rig a “stage” in greater Providence, Rhode Island, chances are you will be rigging a “stage” in an old textile mill from the late 1800’s.  Also, it will be filthy and spooky as you’d imagine a 130 year old factory would be.  We ran a lot of cable and hung many lights, and we had something like four days to do it.  To facilitate this we ended up with a bunch of Stage Hands from Local 23, and there we already a bunch of guys from Local 481, and everyone pretty much talked funny.  Did I mention it was filthy?  It was a screen adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell Tale Heart”.  As David said, “Everyone is getting back into Gothic Horror these days”.  True, true.

So yeah.  It was Zoe’s birthday this Saturday, we got a bunch of people together (The Preps versus the Beards) and bowled at “The Gutter” in Greenpoint.  Good beer, bad lanes.  Zoe seemed happy.

WordPress is begging me to upgrade to Version 2.5.  Mostly I’m concerned with the really poor speed of this blog, and I think it’s due in part to the database and Dreamhost, but I’m not sure.  There is some extended Google Apps functionality that might be good too.  The MSN Live Search doesn’t even list this blog.  But I am now the number one “Mark Beattie”on Yahoo Search. So that is sweet.  Maybe some more bouldering at Cat Rock this afternoon?  The sun is shining, 46 degrees.

Candy Factory