Also, Evan’s riding back East

Also, my good friend Evan is riding back across the country. You can follow him on our new/old Team Bikeasaurus blog:

Or if you like, click this Add to Google to add to your Google Reader, otherwise it’s /feed after the URL for the XML feed.

Currently he’s in northern California and said today that he’s sick of the rain but is excited to to start heading northeast to the the dry mountains of Oregon.

Dentists Riding Serottas

So, I called it.  5:30pm tonight until… I’ll see you Saturday morning.

On another note, BikeSnobNYC had a funny comment today on a Craig’s List Ad involving a tattoo artist hoping to trade ink for a track bike.  I wonder what Sascha White trades his Vanillas for? [See previous post Hand Built Portland Dreams: beer, wool, locally roasted coffee, wampum, and other locally grown product]

And yes, it would be awesome if denists simply traded fillings for high-end custom frames, it seems it’d make the whole insurance thing easier.  It’d go something like, “Well lets see Delta Dental covers 2K$ worth of filling and or crown work which will get me the Reyonolds 953 blend with an Alpha Q fork and Joe Bell paint job, but if I do a second filling that will bump me up into carbon fibre range, we’re talking Craig Calfee or Seven custom action.”  Dentists.

On a related note, congrats to Evan for finishing grad school and taking a job out West.  It seems he’ll be in San Francisco any day now just in time for the fog and endless bicycle rides with Tommy in the hills of the Bay.