The Evergreen State

We went to some weddings. They were nice. Mostly it was great to see trees, hike again in the Olympics and spend some time on the water taking ferries. Victoria, British Columbia had a nice small town feel to it. When we got to Seattle Z’s commented that there were so many European comfort clothing and shoes stores, it boggled the mind. Victoria had the same innumerable coffee shops and micro-roasters as Seattle, but pleasantly less European comfort clothing. We did visit several 2nd hand vintage clothing stores in Victoria and they all had a pretty good selection.

I almost bought a pair of sweet leather handmade Bavarian (West German) hiking boots, probably early 1980’s vintage, basically in new condition for $15 (the CAD is basically 1:1 with our USD). But I didn’t. They were kind of heavy and my old Vasque ‘Sun Downers’ are still kicking it and if for some reason I do ever buy another pair of boots they need not be heavy duty hikers. Z bought a fanny pack.

Maybe it was a function of being in Victoria in the “shoulder season” but it felt touristy without so many tourists. Beacon Hill park and Holland Point were gorgeous. We almost got up at 5:30 one morning to see the sunrise, we made it to the Point at about 7am and it was still a great view. We had time for a leisurely walk back to the hotel and stopped at a French Canadian run coffee shop with surly snobby baristas and caught the 10:30am ferry back to Washington State.

At some point we’ll upload pictures. The weekend prior to going out West we had a wedding in the far Northwest of Virginia. These bookends, if you will, of weddings were a nice way to get out of the city. I went for a run one Saturday morning on the Appalachian Trail with a friend of Matt’s. The hills were fantastic, better than the Queen’s Borough Bridge I’d say. Harper’s Ferry, WV it turns out is a great place for both beard competitions, scary wax museums, and a place stuck in time namely 1856. But yes, it is also the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers and full of rugged beauty, and scary wax statues.