Ocean City, Malaysia

Note to future travelers when taking buses to Penang be sure to specify which town in Penang it’s a pretty big island and you want to go to Kompleks Komptar which is the main bus terminal in Georgetown and not the bus drop off near the airport which is 10km away from downtown.

It’s humid. It’s not a dry heat; it’s simply hot and humid. We have however reached what we believe to be the Indian Ocean. We have also reached beer and fresh juice, which mitigates this somewhat. On the fabled island of Langkawi, which is our next destination, beer is duty free, and supposedly half the price since there’s a heavy sin tax on alcohol in the rest of this Islamic country.

Zoe slept most of the bus ride, missing out on a lot of strip mining and extensive clear cutting. There isn’t much of an environmental movement in Malaysia.

Tomorrow we go to the national park to see more monkeys. Mark loves monkeys but is scared of birds (there were a lot of aviaries in Hong Kong). Many more confusing bus rides and hot hostel rooms to come, we are sure.