G & I had  a good snowy, slippery run in the Wiss.  Less mud, more snow than expected.  It took longer, as we didn’t have spikes / screw shoes.  Which would’ve been nice.  A good 20.5km loop nonetheless.

New Balance appears to be discontinuing the MT1210 Leadville series, but it’s unclear.  Perhaps they are simply delayed in shipping; I presume they usually have “spring shoes” in stock by the end of March at the latest.  But they also haven’t updated them on the official NB page, which is a bad sign.

I figure I’ll try some of the Altras and see if they fit my wide foot better (or at all).  Certainly the toe box will be wider, mid-foot probably not so much.  I did buy two pairs of the Saucony Kinvara 3 in wide, so there’s that, and they don’t seem to be discontinuing that model any time soon.   Ideally I’d love to see something like the Kinvara 3 with thicker forefoot cushioning and sticky rubber trail lugs.  That would be swell.

Also, a hilarious bulldog at the dog run when George was getting more exercise because the winter has taken its toll and made him a fat Kenyan hunting dog  (G took the photo):

Hilarious dog at the dog run


Small Dogs

My friend Chris turned me on to this movie trailer [below]. We’ve been working nights and it looks like more rain. Not good. I had two Dunkin’ Donuts lattes today. I was trying to figure out if Skype is available on the 8830 (it is not). GPRS / EVDO may not have the data rate to do it. Apparently there is a Windows Mobile version that works well, Wi-Fi I think is required though 3G may work. T-Mobile has been pushing for Wi-Fi enabled mobiles to extend their cellular coverage by utilizing existing broadband networks, which seems to be the general direction of things. I am tired. Z has been drinking white wine and watching episodes of “The Wire” without me and it makes me sad. Looking forward to driving back to NY at 9am like a meth addled junkie jonsing for his next fix, only instead of meth, it’s called work, and by fix I mean sleeping in my own bed.

HTML5: http://youtu.be/0mI808JK6-Q

Your word of the evening: moribund, |ˈmôrəˌbənd

moribund : adjective (of a person) at the point of death. • (of a thing) in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor

The FLAC  “Best of Cat Stevens” album I’ve recently been listening to reminds me of something that must be nagging at least a few people’s hearts, namely that of a need for change.  How do you go from pop-folk idol to Orthodox Muslim?  On some level I don’t think it’s all that different than dropping out and building a multi-story yurt in the deeps woods of Maine.   Or say growing up in an austere Christian sect, winning the Tour de France,  and then having your title and livelihood taken away.  This stuff happens all the time. Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, born Steven Demetre Georgiou apparently gave up secular guitar playing for a long time.  But one day his son brought a guitar home and he played.  And maybe he needed to play, as almost all his concerts and work benefits world peace and child welfare causes.   But these causes were important to him from the beginning, whatever his name was, it’s just a question of listening for the voice. 

I did get RockBox working on the 3rd generation iPod, so that’s another win for the Open Source camp. DD-WRT is next for the router.  For whatever reason AFP doesn’t work over the router.  Unbuntu 8.04 comes out soon, I think most everyone’s loins are girded for this occasion.