Special Day Photo Secrets

So, we’ve learned the hard way that when you’re about to get married you should reformat your camera’s memory card.  Reformat it three times, actually.  Wipe it clean, freshy frischmacher clean.  The Canon PowerShot SD800 IS had really never given us any major trouble, it’s been a good little point and shoot.  But as we found out the hard way (after losing I think about 40% of our wedding day photos to bad writes/corruption) you should alway reformat your flash memory cards after dumping the photos onto your computer.  I attribute a lot of it to the fact that we’d kept some photos on the card but deleted others, and I think it’s likely iPhoto was writing to the card somehow screwing with FAT16 system.  The moral is this: download all your photos then reformat your card “in camera” using the camera’s menu setup, each and every time.

Thankfully we had a friend shoot two rolls of film on an old fully manual Minolta SRT 101 35mm camera and a bunch of those came out, so it’s all good.  And we could always reshoot it once it’s not 10 degree outside and snowing.  Or we could do one month anniversary photos.  

The best software I found for free file/image recovery was Zero Assumption Recovery. The other software, that seems to be the best for the 2GB SanDisk SD card was Rescue Pro by LC Technology in the UK.  ZAR gave me similar results though.  I also tried PhotoRescue, however it did not recover as many photos as the other two.

Here are the best pics from two rolls of film: A Wedding on Film

And here are the best digital pictures we saved: Zoe & Mark Get Married

More gauzy flare


Kissing (in front of fountain)

Flowers and dress