Unboxing & mini review of the Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill

Unboxing the Hario Ceramic Slim Mill I received from Seattle Coffee Gear, more photos of the unboxing are here on my Flickr.

Back (English)


Open Box


And as it turns out it works pretty darn well. It’s mostly plastic with a stainless steel shaft and a small ceramic burr set. My only gripe would be that with the plastic lid/cover off the handle seems to fit a little better on the grinding shaft. I started with a pretty coarse setting and the burrs are significantly sharper than my old PeDe (from the 1940s, I believe).  I should have no problem dialing in various espresso grinds for use with my temperamental Gaggia Classic.  And of course for brewing pour-overs, French presses (w/ a slighter finer grind) and  my macchinetta, it will be swell.

Blow Up

2 scoops ~20g or so

Grindin '

Melita #102 Ceramic

Pre-infusion Pouring

About 2 minutes or so total pour time

A cuppa joe

Ahh, a cup’pa joe. Not bad. Not bad at all.