Moderate upgrades…

Finally got around to soldering some 1/4″ TRS jacks onto a pair of XLR cables I had.  In case you’re curious what the wiring for XLR (differential) mono cables (not for microphones), the 3 pin XLR breaks down as such:

Pin 1: Ground (⏚) Sleeve, Pin 2: Postive (+) Tip, Pin 3: Negative (-) Ring.

Good information on soldering audio cables of all types here:

The EMU-0404 USB into the AudioSource 5.1a’s sounds a modicum cleaner, definitely driving now at lower levels. Probably not worth the effort but what the hell, I was curious and I had the TRS plugs sitting idle along with some old XLR cables.

XLR (male) to TRS 1/4" (male) diagram pinout

XLR (male) to TRS 1/4″ (male) diagram pinout

XLR M-F Pin Out

XLR M-F Pin Out

1/4" TRS Diagram

1/4″ TRS Diagram