sweet jesus cold 3k

tidal basin 3k high noon. my god it was cold. i made the poor decision to ride my bicycle downtown despite the several inches of accumlation rapidly descending. enough people showed up and there were enough course police blockades, that we went inside the Jefferson memorial tunnel to sign our wavers and discuss rerouting options. the out and back backwards around the normal 3k course was what we did, ended up being a bit over 3k I think, as we hit the halfway perhaps a little under 6 minutes, and it felt like we were going at a good clip. At that halfway turnaround a masters age fit gentleman turned on the afterburners, while another guy followed, I was about 20 yards behind. Unfortunately 3rd wasn’t even in the cards for me today, on the last 100m I sprinted my right thigh into one of those giant planter barricades while heading for the finish, a guy in a sweet Craft windbreaker passed me. 4th it was, a little over 12 minutes for some distance greater than 3k. cold and snowy as hell, it should be noted.