Sugar and spice and everything nice

Malaysians love their sugar and their condensed milk. Sometimes the results are delicious, as with cendol, the improbably good concoction of shaved ice, red bean, coconut, strange gelatinous noodles and of course condensed milk. Other times less so, like when you order a carrot juice and it comes out as carrot flavored condensed milk. And you generally want to stay away from anything that comes in a can, as no matter what the label says, the strongest flavor will be sugar.

The other thing that’s big here is frying. There are vats of oil at the roadside stands and hawkers frying stuff up. We had freshly fried and juicy chicken when we got lost in the outskirts of KL, some savory Samosa like dumplings, crazy fish and prawn cakes that got slathered with sauce so they disintegrate, and then the Chinese ladies in Georgetown were frying up some churros (or the Chinese equivalent thereof). And that’s just the deep frying.

The food hasn’t been too spicy here; we’re waiting for Thailand.