about that testosterone patch on my scrotum

The other night (Friday) when I flew home from Midwood, Brooklyn, all of 8 miles or so to our home, up Bedford, spinning like mad, hitting all the lights, I thought of nothing else but the chafing from wearing wet jeans, due to a massive thunderstorm, all day. Do not wear wet jeans on a bicycle. Do not wear wet jeans all day at work. Bring spare pants. And shirts.

On a separate note: Josh has all sorts of gossip about female Hollywood leads. Winona is a klepto who can’t remember her lines. CholĂ« will sleep with anyone, seriously, anyone. He’s going to go off to Texas. I’ll either not work and sleep a lot and try and build some wood items for our place, or possibly put a down payment on a Maserati or a new laptop. There is also a wedding and a chance trip down to NC. And possibly more chafing. Landis may or may not have had a testosterone patch on his scrotum. I know I would’ve. I’m sure it feels nice.