Shakes and Quality Control

There are many variety of shakes. There is the large $5.25 vanilla shake I had yesterday at the Shake Shack. There are the shakes when you’re hanging off a rock 15 feet off the ground with Zoe spotting you on Baseline in Flagstaff Park Boulder, CO. There are the shakes from too much caffeinated bean, like from Gorilla Coffee on 5th Ave and Park Pl. in Brooklyn. We had a good time in Colorado. Zoe’s dad Peter did us a solid. We stayed in a nice two bedroom condo off the slopes in Keystone. I drove to Breckenridge a couple of days where the Nordic Ski Center there had some well groomed snowy trails and leased Forest Service land with Alpine huts deep in the hills. I met Zoe’s Boulder relatives and friends. We spent one night at the awesome historic early 1900’s Boulderado Hotel.  Anyhow, the landscape out there, out west, makes you wonder what it is that convinces people to live crushed against the buildings and humanity of New York.  That being said, Josh and I had a good day yesterday afternoon climbing in 40 degree weather in the North Woods of Central Park, Worthless and Rap boulders included.

Which, brings me to the conclusion here. Chris and I are working on live Google Maps version of all the bouldering problems in New York City and beyond, so far we have a web domain and a map with three gyms on it, see These North Woods problems will be great to map as Rat Rock and Cat Rock get quite crowded and I think there are more VO-V3 style problems up there.   The MacBook Pro went into the shop, came back, and now the screen goes bonkers when it wakes up from both Sleep and Shut Down.  Go figure.  Where is the Apple QC?

Flagstaff Boulders up Baseline Rd.
Sweet Macintosh Logic Board Quality Control
IMG 3288