Shadout Mapes

Went to New Brunswick and Sommerville for dinner with Chris.  Truly crazy times in suburban Jersey.  I’ve been thinking lately that the Dune mythology is all we really need as a framework to understand anything in our lives and this modern world.  Oil, gas, giant Sandworms, the spice Melange, and a never ending war on terrorism and the Middle East – Frank Herbert saw it coming.

For the longest time I just wanted to be the Paul Atreides (Maud’dib) to Chani (as played by Sean Young).  Really you cannot beat Sean Young in the 80’s.  She was a hot cybernetic organism in Bladerunner and the hot Fremen concubine to the Messiah (as played by Kyle MacLachlan) in Dune, it doesn’t get any better than that.  Except that it does, because she was in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street.  As far as my memory of the 80’s, she’s it.  Well that, and the Nike Airmax, I remember when my dad first got Airmaxes and they were cool.

In homage to oil wars and neo-hipster yuppie’ism I thought I’d post some photos of the Volvo 1800 coupe from The Saint fame and also a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, as both are quite suitable for Williamsburg and hipster ‘cred in general. And some photos of nouveau luxe condo construction.

IMG 3175
White Toyota FJ Williamsburg Hipster Cruiser Sweetness
IMG 3165