Serra & more rocks

Zoe and I forked out for a MoMA membership today before going to the Serra 40 Years retrospective in hopes of going to more of their film screenings and not having to eek out on free Fridays for like 45 minutes with the insane crowds.  And it’s cheaper to bring a guest now.  The larger stuff Serra’s built, since the late 80’s-90’s it seems, is pretty amazing.  Sort of makes you want to build your house with giant plates of weatherproofed steel.

I’ve had an exhausting week of not drinking caffeinated beverages.  Seemed like a good idea.  I am noticeably less tense, don’t feel like I’m grinding my teeth all the time, sleep better, more deeply.  But coffee is so good.  I had a cup of decaf today, and it is amazing how good decaf can feel.  Zoe and I had a really great trip up to New Hamshire.  Did some great bouldering at Mt. Rumney.  The lake was beautiful.  Six hours from New York doesn’t seem that bad.  It’s just getting out of the city that is a pain.  But we took the train to New Haven and that made things easier.

The weekend is now gone. Hoping to climb with Erik tomorrow at the Near Trapps in the Gunks. Josh, Taylor, and I climbed at Rat and Cat rocks today in lower Central Park. It was wicked hot. But I finally did a nice clean climb up the Cat arête, V1. Worked on the Polish Traverse to no avail, topped out on the high Rat Rock wall but still cannot do the low really crimpy starts. We were sweating buckets working on the line “Felix V2”, shouldn’t be so hard, tough knee drop and crimp to get to the sloper before the mantle. Seems we’re heading into V2/3 territory pretty consistently now which is good.

We need to get the apartment straight before Zoe’s dad arrives this weekend. And I’m going to cook dinner now. Working on a film this week from the guys who made “Fargo”.
The cleanest photo this 3 year old camera can take.
Mt. Rumney, New Hampshire - 2