run up the hill _then_ around the track

you know the workout is going well when about half way through you feel like puking. Jared didn’t show it, but I felt like ass after the 2nd set of hills but before the 3rd, and 4th (400m + 2x 200m) repeats. It was hot and raining. I was wearing only shorts and tee. Jared was running solid tonight which was good to see. We were shooting for 75″ and he hit 72″. On the final 200m he ran a 31.8″ I was 0.6″ behind him. This was definitely the type of workout we’ll do more of. Faster 400m’s. Sub 35″ 200m repeats. Maybe days devoted to short fast hill repeats. My legs are gone. Yesterday was a solid 60′ run, and today with a 26′ morning, the evening was heavy. The thing about speed is that it is addictive. I think morning runs will be about barefoots downhill strides, form focus. Turnover. Strength. You ask yourself, what marginal existance will sustain this type of training? What if, all we want, is to be better?

Work out goals: 5x 13th St. hill repeat, 5x (400m + 2x 200m)
Achieved: 4x hill, 4x (400m + 2x 200m)

Hill Repeat: 41.3″, 41.5″, (track) 39.7″, 40.8″ (track)
Track repeats: ((400m) 82.8″ (200m) 37.8″, 38.4″ (400m) 75.2″ (200m) 36.1″, 35.9″)
((400m) 72.5″ Jared 73.7″ Mark (200m) 35″, 34.4″
(400m) 70.5′ Mark 72.2″ Jared (200m) 35.5″, 31.8″Jared 32. 4″ Mark)
w/u + c/d: 15′ + 9′

totals: Mark morning: ~27′, evening ~37′, Mark total: 64′