We had a small get-together here in Queens last night. It was modestly successful considering how the trains don’t run on weekends anymore and well, we live in Queens. Dave and Stacey represented Astoria and brought us custom spices to grind and mince for our cooking needs. It was something of a house warming party 7 months after the fact. Hillary made the trek up from East Prospect Park with her friends. I had to work during the day down in Park Slope on David Wain’s “Wainy Days” last webisode, so it was up to Zoe to get the house ready. But yes, Stephen was here visiting Irene, with Conor and Leigh, and they ran into John near his new place in the East Village and brought him, lots of good people and friends. We cannot complain. Our little apartment held up admirably.

Also got an email back from Garret, he says the REI Sub Kilo down bag worked like a champ. I still think a nice thick lightweight quilt would work for two people. Resoling lightweight shoes though, I think has promise. Simple rubber resoles on lightweight trekking / trail running “sneakers”. I think it is a good plan. Long distance hikers can blow though a pair of sneakers in 10 days. Multiple pairs of light leather/ synthetic shoes, rotating through them as you hike, that can be resoled at home. Surely this has been done before.