apparently the French actress Emmanuelle Béart thought I might be a paparazzi as i brought a digital camera to give to the gaffer Sean, for pictures of lighting/setups, and since she doesn’t speak much English, someone kept telling her “no no, grip electric” finally the 1st AD came to me and was like, “who are you?” and that’s where i flashed off like 20 photos and totally ran off and sold them to French tabloids. Easy money. No really. I gave Sean the camera. Fucking production. No, you know who I want to work with? Chris Koch, who directed such notables as “Snow Day” and “A Guy Thing” now that guy is a genius. Really the key is making bank on G films. Not quite like Robert Rodriguez, god knows we don’t need another “Spy Kids”.

One response to “paparazzi”

  1. Etan says:

    It’s “paparazzo”, singular.