go zero

Somehow I miraculously got well today from the whooping cough on my day off, though I still slept in ’til 2pm and Zoe made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I also drank some Coca-Cola Zero, which if you haven’t tried it, tastes significantly better than Diet Coke. If you’re into diet soda. Or soda at all. Apparently there is a new Cherry Coke Zero but I have not tried it yet. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi used to be my favorite, but right now I think Coke Zero ‘is it’. What ‘isn’t it’? Working on overnight film shoots in the Winter outdoors of New York. That’s for fucking sure. Sunset Park Railroad Yard, Brooklyn Armory, Hoyt-Schemerhorn tunnel. Check. Done them. Never want to see these places again in my life. Teen thrillers? Just say no. Working in tunnels with broken glass and one inch of soot. Teenage suicide. Don’t do it.

The first two pics are of a place we thought about buying in Jackson Heights Queens. It’s nice and all, but the same money buys in Manhattan near an express stop less than a mile from Central Park and generally should see higher investment return. That’s the idea anyway. This whole process is going to take a little time. Back to the climbing gym with Josh et al tomorrow

New Ikea crap

Loads of space for stuff 900sqft

white fill bounce from underneath

Home from work at 7am