Orgasmic Fish Tacos and the Heavenly Ejaculate

Zoe and I stayed in Long Beach (aka the LBC) as we had a friend’s wedding last weekend in Rancho Palos Verdes.  Her friend Susannah signed us up for Corky Carroll’s surf school in Huntington Beach Saturday morning and we took to the surf on our 9ft long boards.  It was fun.  Zoe is a pretty good swimmer and had a better time getting up on the surf board than either Susannah or I.  Afterward we ate lunch at Wahoos a SoCal/Mex chain restaurant and the fish tacos were okay.  The wedding ceremony was very nice, on a golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean sunset in Palos Verdes.  The bride and groom had M&M’s with their faces printed on them.  We drove Susannah’s sweet early 90’s black Volvo back home to Long Beach not too late.

Sunday was spent in LA catching up with my friends from USC.  We visited LACMA, the Grove outdoor mall, and Milk ice cream deli/shop.  Zoe took a cab in the morning to LAX and I took the 33 bus down Venice from Culver City to Union Station.  Let me say this about mass transit in LA: it doesn’t work well and New Yorkers are spoiled.  Sunday morning we tried to take the blue line light rail from LBC to Union Station with no luck, a train ahead of us had derailed or crashed and we were sent back to Long Beach.  Thankfully Aaron drove us North.  In LA the 33 bus took almost and hour to get from Culver City to Downtown.  As a fitting bookend I took the Q33 from LGA to the subway home, it was much smoother.

The couple of days I spent in San Diego were nice.  Sailing with Chris on Tuesday night was pleasant and the waters were calm, we had a bit of wind once we were further out in the SD harbor sadly we didn’t see any Sea Lions.  The Navy base on the North Island had some pretty crazy giant rubber bumpers in the water that looked like giant sausages and were there to protect the aircraft carrier and to keep people out and there were many helicopters hovering .  After the sail we went to the South Beach Bar and Grille and the fish tacos were as good as I remember (despite the inauthentic nature of using flour tortillas) and as many foodies have pointed out there may be better ones in greater San Diego but after a sail eaten with some beer these were about perfect .  I have some photos from SD stuck on my cellphone that I’ll try to extract.

Giant Chairs
The HB Pier
Lloyd's (not Frank) Vision
More Jellyfish
Sea Otter paws (white wine)
Custom Engraved M&Ms
IMG 4784