Northwest Prep

The trip to the Pacific Northwest was eventful with something like 20 inches of rain, a flooded Hood River, and a couple good days of rock climbing and bouldering with Chris and Jared. Ryan put me up in his quaint home in NE and John took me out to a music show of Susan’s at Holocene. I hung out with a married Kim, and tried in vain to get a hold of Owen. Becca and I went out to dinner with Christopher and Lesley before I caught my plane back to the city. Hood River, and Jared’s life there in general seem pretty good. It is nice to see something smaller and less intense. His house is ranch style, I don’t know, at least 1800 square feet with a garage, a backyard, and a roomate’s dog (a black lab named ‘Doofur’). I built them some speaker stands and got their home entertainment system off the ground, so to speak. Jared has a fireplace in their family room and a multi-window view of Mt. Adam’s when it’s not raining, putting my Brooklyn backyard view in its place. I think Zoe and I are ready to find a place with a family room window with a nicer view. We’re prepping a film now and start shooting post Thanksgiving. Zoe and I plan to be in La Ville-Lumière for about a week. We moved our bed to the small room last night, très enthousiasmant.

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  1. John Wilmot says:

    I can only speak for myself, but a workshop of my own would make a great number three on that list. Fits right in with the self-sufficiency theme.