No Jury, No Fire

Got to operate a Panasonic “1080p” HDX900 Hi-Def ENG style camera a couple of days this week and got paid. It felt so much better than working lights. I still had to set flags and touch lights. But for a couple of sweet days all I had to think about was the camera. Which is such a different world. Minutiae oriented, focusing, tape labeling, lenses and battery changing. The production was some crazy experimental theater musical, performance art thing, mostly green screen. We shot at the 3rd Ward in Bushwick. Sweet, sweet, Bushwick. Lots of Japanese women dancing and crazy gay men and women. In short exactly what you’d expect with experimental musical theater, even on video. Yeah. Jeff, Colin, and Mike worked on it too. Zoe is out of town to see friends. I am clearing out furniture on Craiglist’s free section.  Back to Queens we go.