no housing, silly east village, svelte laptops.

The consensus was that I need to work harder at getting work and a cheaper place to live, so no Astoria just yet.  The screening down at the Anthololgy Film Archives went pretty well, the projector didn’t do the 16×9 widescreen footage any justice, or any of the shorts except the documentary, which looked the cleanest. I’ve been trying to get all my footage together into QT files for something of a reel/business card/pretending to be successful and professional look. Tell me how I’m doing.

If you have a ring from an Ivy league school, most especially the H-bomb, and you have 2k$ to blow, it may be worth it to consider the IBM discount program whereby one can aquire the X-series sub 3 pound 12.1″ black-on-black red pointy stick hotness.  Currently I’m writing this on a 7 year old Dell Latitude Pentium III? 650mhz.  To each his own.  Good luck to Chris and Ayana on their journey through the south, back to the west, on the beach in La Jolla.  Boat drinks, Chris, boat drinks.