Nice Cranks, Jan

Jan Heiene of Bicycle Quarterly and Compass Bicycles in conjunction with René Herse are re-releasing a very nice looking set of cranks using a three bolt spider, adaptable to either double or triple chainrings (70mm BCD).

My Gitane could actually use a set of these right now as I’m hoping to further upgrade it from 6 speeds to either 12 or, gasp, 18. In the mean time I’ll see what I can find at Via. I really do like the SunTour Retrofriction “bar-con” shifter’s action though.

But yes, the world is in need of some more elegant looking cranks as style has gone out the window, what with all the oversized spindles and external cartridge bearing bottom brackets on bikes these days, so good’on these guys.

René Herse & Compass Bicycles Re-Release Cranks

Link: René Herse & Compass Bicycles Re-Release Cranks